What is the Tesla Vehicle Experience Program?

In a nutshell, the Tesla Vehicle Experience Program (TVEP for short) is a way for a prospective Tesla owner to experience a Tesla for themselves in their own setting; at home, work, and play. Owning, driving and charging a Tesla is a different and new driving experience and not necessarily for everyone.

Book an appointment today, and let our trained staff give you a Tesla Experience so that you know all the features of the vehicle and how they work. Next, take the Tesla for the number of days that you book the orientation for. This will allow you the time to get to know the vehicle and ultimately make the final decision if a Tesla is a right fit for you or not. Finally, return the vehicle and the keys, and the orientation is done. No further obligation.

We also offer a Tesla Experience Review afterwards . This is not a requirement, but a way for you to ask any questions that you may have about a Tesla. If you decide that you are interested in purchasing a Tesla, we can of course help you there as well.


Lease, Finance or Purchase a Tesla

If you are already sure that a Tesla is for you, and you are interested in Leasing, Financing or Purchasing a Tesla in Winnipeg, Manitoba, we can help you. Have a look at our inventory below, and contact us with any questions. We also offer a unique Consignment Service where you can trade your vehicle in for a Tesla.

Lease, Finance or Purchase a Tesla

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