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What is it like to own a Tesla in Manitoba, Canada?

You have questions and we have answers. Here are the answers to out most commonly asked questions.
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  • What is the Daily KM Limit? - Daily km limit is 200km per day. Milage overage is same as our lease @ $0.20 per km. We do offer additional charges, as well as many other options. Please speak with our staff with any questions.
  • Charging Tips - Fast Charge When Your Battery is Warm! When driving, heat is generated in the powertrain, which warms your car’s battery. For quickest charging experience, consider plugging into a Supercharger closer to your destination, to give the battery a chance to heat up. However, on occasions when this isn't convenient, precondition your car to start heating …
  • Are there any tips to make winter driving easier on my Tesla’s battery and range? - It is normal to see increased energy consumption during colder months. To maximize range   and efficiency in the cold, take these extra steps to keep your battery warm and conserve energy: You can conserve significant energy on the road by using Scheduled Departure while plugged in. Once your specified time is set, your car prepares …
  • How long does it take to charge my Tesla? - This answer really depends on the source of your charge. Standard 110v adapter it can take between 24-48 hours to charge your vehicle depending on temp and conditions. Approx. 5km/ hour of charge*This is not recommended for the best experience* 220-240V or dedicated home charging system is recommended for daily use. This will achieve 40-50 …
  • How does a Tesla perform in the Winter? - In one word AMAZING! There are several contributing factors: First the placement of the weight in the vehicle moving from the front engine compartment to the central spine of the vehicle eliminates the rear end sway typically associated with a RWD vehicle. Direct electronic slip control helps when the system does sense any loss of …
  • Where can I get aftermarket parts, rims or custom wraps or graphics for my Tesla? - The Winnipeg Car Lab @ Nott Autocorp is proud to be your one stop shop for all things Tesla! From custom wraps, Rim and Tire packages to Aftermarket Upgrades they have it covered.
  • Is there a Tesla Dealer in Winnipeg? - Winnipeg does not currently have a franchise Tesla location. Nott Autocorp however has been the independent Tesla experts for the past 10 years! We have been responsible for putting more than 300 Tesla’s on MB roads.
  • How much will it cost me to charge my Tesla? - The yearly cost to operate a standard EV vehicle is approx. $200-$300 annually based on 15,000km of driving using home charging. Supercharger use ranges from $5-$7 per charge.
  • How many Charging Stations are in Winnipeg? - Winnipeg currently has 1 Tesla Supercharging Hub located at CF Polo Park. Additionally, there are 15 Level 3 Fast Charging stations and 53 Level 2 charging stations.
  • Where can I get my Tesla serviced? - Nott Autocorp’s service team is confident in our ability to diagnose and fix many of your standard Tesla issues. For any warranty repairs Tesla has a local mobile Ranger service which you can book through your app.

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