Charging Tips

Charging Tips

  • Fast Charge When Your Battery is Warm! When driving, heat is generated in the powertrain, which warms your car’s battery. For quickest charging experience, consider plugging into a Supercharger closer to your destination, to give the battery a chance to heat up. However, on occasions when this isn't convenient, precondition your car to start heating its battery before you leave.
  • Use Navigation in Your Car!! Prepare your car for Supercharging by navigating to your destination, even if you know your route. When you enter a destination into your navigation in cold weather conditions and Supercharging is needed, your car will automatically begin to preheat your battery before arriving at a Supercharger to reduce charging time. Depending on the ambient temperature, and whether Preconditioning was used prior to departure, pre-heating the battery may take 45 minutes, or more.

For long-distance trips, we recommend starting your fast charging sessions at lower states-of-charge, when the battery is warm.

  • Stay Plugged In!! We recommend leaving your Tesla plugged in as much as possible when it’s not in use. This uses the charging system, rather than your battery, to retain heat.

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